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Alex Johnson: Student of The Week

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Mattress Firm’s Student of The Week celebrates Alex Johnson!

Meet Alex Johnson, a senior at Helena High, and an active member of the Boys Basketball Team.

Alex and his teammates receive a generous amount of support and fundraising from their local community and in turn, these boys like to donate their time and give back. Supporting the younger kids at Bryant Elementary School by assisting with reading, math or Phys-ed is just one of the many ways to donate their time.

“These guys come in with such great energy and my Bryant kids just love it, they think these kids are celebrities so it’s fun, they look up to them immensely and I think it’s just so great for them to give back to the community,” said Lindsey Day.

Alex says the experience provides a key opportunity as well as a brief escape.

“You’re stressed out in high school and you’re working hard on your tests and all that stuff, and then you get to just go hang out with little kids and realize that everything is kind of a game for them and they have so much fun doing it and I love being there. School is more important then sports obviously and it’s really important to show that we can be students as well,” said Alex.

The Helena High, Boys Basketball Team will continue the weekly tradition to meet with the Bryant Panthers and provide positive role models for the younger generation.

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Alex Johnson! Thank you for motivating and inspiring all of us!

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