Amiya Williams

Amiya Williams: Student of The Week

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Meet Amiya Williams, a young professional on the rise whose passion involves being a part of the

community and constantly challenging herself with new obstacles in life.

“I’m part of Key Club, which is a student-led service organization, and we basically are just a volunteer

group,” Amiya said. “I’ve been President, Vice President and Secretary of Key Club, and I’m also right

now the current Lieutenant Governor of Division Nine for the Montana Board.”


In her spare time, Amiya also enjoys competing in various business competitions.

“You could be in Presentation Management; that’s one of the ones that I made it to Nationals in. And the first one, the first 

year I ever did it, as a freshman, I got to do it for local businesses,

and how you would advertise for local businesses,” said Amiya Williams.



Over the years, Amiya has been actively involved with Girl Scouts, Trick or Treat for UNICEF and Special

Olympics, as well as participating in food drives and enjoys making a change to someone’s life. With a

personal goal setting of 1000 community service hours, Amiya is winning with 600+.

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Amiya Williams. Thank you for

motivating and inspiring all of us!

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