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Josey Hauser: Mattress Firm Student Of The Week

Josey Hauser: Mattress Firm Student Of The Week

Your Mattress Firm Student of the Week: Josey Hauser!

Though she’s only five feet tall, defensive specialist Josey Hauser is a light - and loud one at that, on the Bozeman volleyball court.

“Her energy, you can feel it wherever she is,” said Hauser’s teammate, Sasha Hathaway. “Even if she’s just sitting on the bench cheering for us, sitting on the sidelines while we’re playing or she’s on the court playing, her energy is just so infectious for all of us.”

As a senior on the Hawk squad, Josey is suiting up for her first season on varsity. She knows her role on the bench means just as much as when she’s the one making the plays.

“Everyone thrives off of everyone and so the louder our bench is the better we play,” said senior defensive specialist, Josey Hauser. “I lost my voice because we cheered so loud.”

But aside from bringing the energy and the volume, she’s also been dubbed the “mom” of the team - which means she has everything else, too.

“She has gum, she has extra knee pads, socks, just like anything because we all forget stuff all the time,” said Hathaway.

“I’m always there for the girls and they’re always there for me and it’s been like that since we were little and played club together,” said Hauser. “I guess I’ve just stepped into that role of being the ‘mom’ because I like to see things go accordingly. As long as I’m taking care of it, I feel like it’s going pretty well.”

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