Jadon Pierce

Jadon Pierce: Student of The Week

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Meet Jadon, a Freshman at Manhattan High School and varsity starter who has always been destined to play basketball.

“Even if you do something wrong, he is always there to congratulate you and he is never really down and whenever you miss a shot he is always there to say, good job,” said Evan Douma, Childhood friend.

Jadon aspires to be a great teammate and friend, “they are like brothers to me and basically I just like hanging out with them or helping with homework or chilling out after school, it’s super good, I mean they’re awesome guys,” said Jadon.

“Very positive and very respectful and I think he is a great teammate, I’m not sure there is a person on our team who doesn’t have great things to say about Jadon,” said Wes Kragt, Tigers Head Coach.

Jadon’s Freshman season has come to a close and he knows next year will be even better because of what the Tigers accomplished this year! Stepping up as a Freshman, introduced Jadon to a higher level of play and provided him with experience so not to feel so much pressure during the game.

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Jadon Pierce. Thank you for inspiring and motivating all of us!

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