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Meet Mariah, a senior attending Manhattan Christian School.

Mariah is a talented and hard-working musician who dedicates her heart and her life to music.

“My Grandma was a huge influence on me, she passed away two years ago from cancer, so piano is just one of the ways I tie back with her and I know she is always smiling down while I am playing,” said Mariah.

Mariah also spends her time playing trumpet in band and is teaching herself violin as part of a senior project.

“I just love sharing it because I know that a lot of people enjoy it when younger people play especially in church and everything, so it just gives me some joy to come and play and share the gift I have been given,” said Mariah.

“She makes it look easy being positive and that’s the way she approaches life and that’s the way she is with her peers,” said Joe Sutton, Band Teacher.

Mariah also enjoys giving back to her church and Churchill community. Recently Mariah returned from a mission trip in San Carlos Mexico, with ROC Wheels in which they fit, fixed and donated over 100 wheelchairs for those in need.

“Even though I am only one person I have the power to change other peoples lives, if that’s playing with kids or doing anything or just back home, you have the power to change a life, you don’t have to do anything special like a mission trip you can do it right here at home,” said Mariah.

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Mariah Leum. Thank you for inspiring and motivating all of us!