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The Purple 2 Hybrid Mattress

by Purple







Made In The USA

Introducing the Purple 2 Hybrid Mattress: a unique mix of innovative gel grid, responsive support coils, and cushioning transition foam.

The pocketed coils allow greater airflow, provide a more dynamic response than all-foam beds, and increase the durability of your mattress. Air circulates more easily through the interior coils, which perfectly complement the grid’s built-in air channels and temperature-neutral gel material.

Coils are, well, springy. They react to pressure quickly, and allow the flexible grid to reshape as soon as you readjust and move. The soft, cushioning grid cradles points like your hips and shoulders while still supporting the rest of your body.

  • Topped with 2'' of Purple Grid that adapts to your body and sleeping position
  • Both soft and firm
  • Open air channels and temperature-neutral material in the Grid to keep you cool all night
  • Purple Grid construction isolates movement so you won't disturb your partner
  • 2 layers of premium comfort foam and 1 layer of firmer support foam sit beneath the Purple Grid to maximize its benefits and give you the best rest of your life