Shelby Paulson

Shelby Paulson: Student of The Week

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Meet Shelby, a Belt junior and multi-sport athlete attending Belt High School. Serving the community has always been important to Shelby, especially after spending so much of her life in the church. 

“I just like being involved with everything,” Shelby said. “With the church there’s a lot of things to get involved in. We got to go to a bunch of conferences – we have youth days here every year, and then you do community service projects and things like that.”

Shelby’s active involvement in Youth Leadership keeps her busy with events such as trail cleanups, trash pickups after sporting events and even caroling at Christmastime. Shelby says her favorite way to give back, however, is through the youth.

“Hanging out with the little kids is always fun, and just knowing that you did something good is always a nice feeling,” said Shelby.

Shelby is also involved in National Honor Society, currently the group is working on a project for Memorial Day that will allow children to write a letter to a military serviceman, whether active or retired.

On top of Shelby’s dedication to serving her congregation, she enjoys playing a multitude of sports and is a strong athlete at Belt High School. Shelby balances a very busy and hectic schedule, and although can be often overwhelming, her plans for the present remain the same: continue to help her brothers and sisters through the church. In her future, Shelby hopes to play college basketball. 

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Shelby Paulson! Thank you for motivating and inspiring all of us!

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