Simonie Mendenhall

Simonie Mendenhall: Student of The Week

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Mattress Firm’s Student of The Week celebrates Simonie Mendenhall!

A senior at Jefferson High, Simonie Mendenhall is an active member of the volleyball program and demonstrates positive leadership with the team. Playing volleyball year-round has provided the tools to succeed in the sport and Simonie expects to continue her volleyball career at Northwest University.

“Just determining open positions on the court based off of the set and things like that I guess,” said Simonie Mendenhall. 

Being independent and working hard is what Simonie is all about, she also dedicates her time off the court to volunteer with the National Honor Society.

“With that we do lots of highway cleanup and bake sales for charities and we play bingo with some elderly people just serving the community and seeing the people supporting you. It seems like we’re giving back to them because they do so much for us with support,” she said. 

Simonie has also volunteered at camps the past two years and says several mission trips spread across two different continents helped spark her interest in the medical field.

Mattress Firm wishes you all the success in your future endeavors Simonie Mendenhall! Thank you for motivating and inspiring all of us!

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